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After booting a rescue system (grml) I need to change the configuration of the original system. However, the original system uses LVM for managing the volumes. How can I mount a logical volume "by hand?"

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1 Answer

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First you need to make sure the LVM tools are installed (package lvm2). With grml that should already be the case. Then you follow this procedure:

  1. Check the system for existing volume groups:

  2. Activate the volume group with the logical volume you want to mount:

    vgchange -ay VG_NAME

    Alternatively run vgchange -ay (without a volume group name) to activate all volume groups.

  3. Check that the logical volume is present:

  4. Mount the volume:

    mount /dev/VG_NAME/LV_NAME /mnt

If needed use chroot to change the filesystem root while you work on the mounted volume.

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