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In my web searches I come regularly across sites like that somehow managed to SEO their way into the top results, even though all they offer are teasers for paid content.

How can I stop those sites from cluttering my search results?

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1 Answer

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You can use uBlock Origin for removing unwanted entries from your search results in your browser.

After installing the plugin click on the icon in the toolbar. In the dropdown that appears select the element picker icon:

uBlock Origin dropdown

Move the cursor over the search results until the element you want removed is highlighted:

uBlock page element selection

Click on the element to show the filter editor. The top frame of the editor dialog shows the selector for the element you want removed. Usually you'll see multiple page elements highlighted at this point, because the selector tends to be a CSS class, particularly for search engine results.

uBlock filter editor

Restrict the selection to just elements that contain the domain you want removed by adding a CSS has() selector:


Click "Preview" and you should see only the (un)desired element highlighted.

Click "Create" to add the new filter to uBlock and remove the element from the search results.

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