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I'm using the logger command and process substitution for logging my script output to Syslog.

exec > >(logger --id="$$" -p '') 2> >(logger --id="$$" -p 'local0.err')

However, that sometimes includes blank lines, like the second line in the example below:

Jun 25 09:27:07 foo bar[13219]: something
Jun 25 09:27:07 foo bar[13219]:
Jun 25 09:27:07 foo bar[13219]: or other

How can I exclude those lines from the logged information?

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1 Answer

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From the man page:

-e, --skip-empty
Ignore empty lines when processing files. An empty line is defined to be a line without any characters. Thus a line consisting only of whitespace is NOT considered empty. Note that when the --prio-prefix option is specified, the priority is not part of the line. Thus an empty line in this mode is a line that does not have any characters after the priority prefix (e.g., <13>).

So you just need to add the option -e to your logger commands:

exec > >(logger --id="$$" -e -p '') 2> >(logger --id="$$" -e -p 'local0.err')
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