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See how the answer box appears on your site It's great, but my site doesn't show the answer box. Why? Why disappear answer Question2Answer search engine, I will attach you a picture to know the problem, and for your information,

I will attach a picture of your site how it appears and it is what I want, and then I will show you a picture of my site. Why the answer box does not appear as it appears on your site.
You can take the text of an article and search for it in Google to know more.

Screenshot showing Google search result with no outlined answer

What I mean by the appearance of the answer box is, as in the picture below, an indication of this with red circles, and I mean that the box appears on the Google page, that is, it is prominent I want to highlight it in search engines.

Screenshot showing Google search result with outlined answer

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Please do not repeat your question title (or part thereof) in the tags field. That's not what the field is for. Tags are supposed to be keywords indicating the general topic or relevant software in your question (in this case for instance the web application used).
What you see in the second screenshot is all Google's doing, nothing I'm doing on my side (at least not knowingly).

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Your question isn't quite clear to me, since the screenshot you posted (a Google search listing your site) doesn't match the text of your question.

If your question is about how your page is displayed in the Google search results: that is something you will need to ask Google. I cannot help you there.

If your question is how you can always display the answer box on a question: that is configured under Administration center → Viewing. The respective setting is "Show answer form immediately" (located in the bottom half of the page). Change the drop-down to "Always" and your questions should always have the answer box visible. Alternatively you can select "If no answers" to show the answer box only if a question hasn't received any answers yet.

If your question is how to display the answer box at the bottom of the page: I'm using a flexbox layout in my theme to change the original order of the page elements.

Normally elements of HTML pages are shown in the order they appear in the HTML source code. Flexbox layouts allow you to change that order by assigning an order value to elements or groups of elements via CSS. Elements with lower order value are shown before elements with higher order value. Elements with the same order value are shown in the order they appear in the HTML source code.

.qa-main {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
.qa-main > div {
  order: 2;
.qa-main > .qa-main-heading {
  order: 1;
.qa-main > .qa-part-a-form {
  order: 3;

The above CSS snippet will show the question title first (order: 1), then most other elements (order: 2 as the default for all <div> elements in the main area), and then the answer box (order: 3).

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How do I contact Google on any link I ask them my problem, can you give me a link to that matter.

I don't have any contact information for Google other than what is listed on their website. And yes, I am aware that trying to reach out to Google is notoriously difficult unless you have an inside contact (which I don't).